The epic new Courtney adventure

Legacy of War

Beloved characters Leon Courtney, Centaine De Thiry and Shasa Courtney return in the action-packed and gripping sequel to Courtney’s War, and the epic conclusion to the Assegai Sequence.

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A brand-new Ancient Egypt novel

The New Kingdom

In the heart of Egypt, Under the watchful eye of the Gods, A new power is rising

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On the Skeleton Coast


Our real life adventures begin with Wilbur himself on the Skeleton Coast.

The new Jack Courtney adventure for kids 10+


'An exciting and realistic story, full of bandits, poachers and amazing wildlife...It keeps you turning the pages to the end.' - i Paper

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The Power of Adventure Podcast

Acclaimed ‘adventurer’ and survival consultant Megan Hine (Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Man Vs Wild) delves into what the true spirit of adventure is, and encourages listeners to put that at the heart of their lives in this brand-new podcast series, brought to you by author and master of adventure fiction, Wilbur Smith.

Mungo St John returns in...

Call of the Raven

An action-packed and gripping adventure about one man's quest for revenge, the brutality of slavery in America and the imbalance between humans that can drive – or defeat – us.

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How well do you know your Wilbur Smith books? If you think you're a Ballantyne buff and a connoisseur of the Courtneys, we've got the definitive Wilbur Smith trivia quiz for you.

The Books

From savagery in the savannah to treachery on the high seas or espionage in the Third Reich, find your next Wilbur adventure here.