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The epic adventure begins . . . Cloudburst is the first book in the Jack Courtney adventure series, for a whole new generation of fans!

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The Courtney’s debuted in my first novel, When the Lion Feeds, published way back in 1964. Since then they have become the longest running family saga in publishing history, spanning over twenty books and fifty years. I am often prompted by my fans asking me what has happened to a certain character – what are they up to now? I then begin to ask myself my own questions. Now, with the help of Chris Wakling, I’ve been able to explore in Cloudburst how the Courtney family dynamic is playing out in our modern times. I wanted to explore the resource curse of Africa and was inspired by what young people are doing to question what is happening with the environment. It felt like a good idea to try to speak directly to them through my characters and my writing. I hope you enjoy it.
Wilbur Smith

Jack Courtney has lived in the UK his whole life. But this summer his parents are travelling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a gorilla conference, and they've promised to take Jack and his friends with them.

When his parents go missing in the rainforest, abducted by mercenaries, nobody seems to have any answers. Jack is pretty sure that it's got something to do with the nearby tantalum mines, but he needs to prove it. Along with Amelia and Xander, Jack must brave the jungle to save his parents. Standing in his way is a member of his own family - Caleb Courtney.

There are western gorillas, forest elephants and hippos. But there are also bandits, mercenaries and poachers. The three friends will need their wits about them if they are not only to save Jack's parents, but their own lives too.

Share the adventures of Wilbur Smith with a new generation with this epic adventure for younger readers aged 10 years and over! 

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For younger readers aged 10+. Set in the modern day, The Jack Courtney Adventures follow 14-year old Jack Courtney and his friends Xander and Amelia on adventures across the world.