User Guide
The Courtney Family Tree

Welcome to the Courtney Family Tree! We hope this resource aids you in navigating and enjoying the brilliant, bestselling Courtney family series of books by Wilbur Smith. 

The family tree is compatible with, and responsive across all devices and browsers. However, for the best experience we do recommend viewing on desktop rather than your phone or tablet. This guide will help you navigate the family tree on the Wilbur Smith Books website and use the options to find what you want with ease. 

At the top of the Family Tree you will see three drop down menus which you can use to toggle your view of the screen. 

The first menu reads ‘Size large’. If you click on this menu you can adjust the size of the tree to small, medium, or remain on large. This is adaptable to your needs – a ‘large’ size will be more of a snapshot, whereas viewing the tree in ‘small’ gives an overview of the family history in all its glory. 

The second menu offers the option to switch between the full-size version which requires scrolling from left to right, or a version that fits reactively to the size of the device or screen you are viewing on. This is particularly useful for viewing on a device like a tablet or phone as it reduces character names down to initials, giving a basic overview.

The third reads ‘aligned view’. If you click on this you can select whether to view the aligned, or full, tree or the compact version of the tree. Compact view fits the tree into the best possible size for user experience, depending on what device you are viewing on. 

You can then navigate through the tree by using the scrolling bars to the right and bottom of the browser page or using the standard navigation functionality on your device.

Once you’ve picked your view, you can explore the amazing history and relationships that make up the Courtney series! 

To find out more about a character, just click on the box that contains their details. This will bring up the characters to which they are linked, highlighted in red. You can click on any character box with a white outline to open up a mini-biography of that character. Boxes with a red outline will only have limited information but if you feel there’s something interesting to add, get in touch! For a full biography of a character, just click the ‘find out more’ button to open a character page which will include details including birth and death dates, relations to other characters, full biography and which books they have appeared in. 

We rely on Wilbur Smith’s many fans and readers to keep these pages up to date so if you have something to add – or if something doesn’t look right – just drop an email with the details to us at wilbur.smith@myreadersclub.co.uk and let us know!